Here's How YOU Can Easily Extract Thousands of
HIGHLY TARGETED Fax Numbers from Across the Globe...
And Fax Marketing Messages to Them... FOR FREE!

Want a new alternative to sending out bulk e-mail messages?

What if you could quickly collect THOUSANDS of targeted fax numbers, belonging to JUST the sort of people you want to contact... TODAY?

And what if you could send EACH of these individuals a personal FAX, with YOUR marketing message... absolutely FREE of CHARGE!

Extract Fax Numbers is the world’s most powerful fax number harvester. Simply give it a bundle of search terms and watch as it searches sites such as Yahoo! and Google. It then scours each site in the results, intelligently locating fax numbers and adding them to your list.

But the BEST it yet to come
. Extract Fax Numbers also comes with a tool that enables you to send messages DIRECT to faxes around the world – at absolutely NO cost. It uses a little-known online service and is TOTALLY UNIQUE to Extract Fax Numbers.

You will NOT find this tool ANYWHERE else!

Imagine faxing thousands of messages across the globe, in an instant. Find new business partners, setup reciprocal Web site links, and signup new affiliates. Remember, fax machines PRINT OUT your message -- FORCING the recipient to read its contents.

It’s even more powerful than e-mail marketing. It’s FAX MARKETING.

And now YOU can tap into the power of Extract Fax Numbers, for just $19.95
– that’s LESS than the cost a decent lunch!

AUTOMATICALLY Gather Thousands of Targeted Fax Numbers!
No more manual searching. Just click to instantly scour the Web for
thousands of hot, targeted fax numbers!
Send Faxes All Around the World – For FREE!
Use our exclusive “Fax Sender” program to send your messages across the globe
at NO cost. You don't even need a phone. It’s like doing a mail merge, but easier!
FULL SUPPORT for Google and Yahoo!
Automatically search through hundreds of Google and Yahoo! search results
for exciting new fax contacts. It’s easy, with Extract Fax Numbers!
Automatic Web Page TIMEOUTS
Extract Fax Numbers auto-disconnects from slow and non-responsive sites,
so they don’t slow down your searching.
COMPLETE Export & MS Access Support
Extract Fax Numbers allows exporting in three different formats, plus creates
an Access database, so you’re always in control!
Target SPECIFIC Geographic Locations!
Extract Fax Numbers automatically identifies exactly which region the fax
number is located, helping you target your faxes even further
Extract Fax Numbers supports exciting features found nowhere else, such as stop and resume, automatic duplicate removal, multi-keyword searches, background scanning, and MUCH more!

It’s hard to believe that Extract Fax Numbers costs less than the price of a decent lunch. And yet you can get ALL of this exciting functionality… for JUST $19.95!

That one tiny price covers everything. You’ll receive the Extract Fax Numbers software, our exclusive Fax Sender software, lifetime support and 100% FREE lifetime upgrades.

It’s EVERYTHING you need to find fax numbers and SEND fax messages across the globe – 100% FREE of charge – for LIFE!

PLUS! If you order by midnight, Wednesday, January 30th 2019, we’ll give you a FREE COPY of the ultimate Web site design tool, Serif WebPlus SE – plus a MASS of FREE Web templates as an added bonus.
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Approximately �12.95 or 14.95 Euros. Price converted to your local currency.

Download links sent instantly. Windows & Internet Explorer required.
Still unsure? Click here to see screenshots of Extract Fax Numbers in action!

NOTE: It is your responsibility to use this program legally within your country.

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